Strange "Index was outside the bounds" in specific Channel application

Not sure is it bug or not

In short, I isolated the issue in simple patch. Objects can be selected using channels. The selected channel contains objects that fit within the specified click distance. But when I try to deselect, I get “index was outside the bounds of the array”. Is this an error? Is there any way to fix it? I’ve tried to export the application. There seems to be no exception.

after deselection:

ChannelIssueSelection.vl (44.6 KB)

this is fixed with upcoming preview

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I retried this patch and it has a new interesting bug.
Can you take a closer look?

Maybe it’s just about “optional” values, which can be NULL and should be managed by the developer.

Sorry. Not sure why this didn’t pop up over here.

While this is not completely satisfactory, it works: Initialize the GlobalChannel “SelectedPins” explicitly with an empty spread.

ChannelIssueSelection_InitializeSelectedPins.vl (45.0 KB)

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@gregsn thanks!
didn’t know about “Empty” node!