Strange FPS variance

So I was messing with dds texture streams with an ssd
(attached patch) and noticed some strange behaviour.
First if I delete the second renderer from the patch, the fps goes down.
Second is I set the file texture format to DDT5 the frame rate drops, I would have thought specifying should make it faster not slower, and the same with repair…
Is this a misunderstanding of how file texture works or a bug?
10 streams of 1024x768 @25fps is nice though, especially as cpu use is so low! :) uses a lot of space though…

File Player.v4p (19.5 kB)

deleting second renderer doesn’t drop frame rate for me

don’t see why setting the texture format to dxt5 should make it faster. you just get more files into ram. but on the other hand it takes for v4 to convert the texture to that format.
in case the texture are already dxt5 i don’t know though, why it’s becoming slower.

(arg… patches saved in fullscreen… ;)

@woei sorry! Forgot about that, 2 screens you know!
@xd mmmm interesting…

Hi catweasel, did it change something setting videotexture pin frame number to zero ?

Oups edit: forget i didn t read filetexture !!!

have you saved the images in DXT5 .dds format with the vvvv convvvverter?
if yes, automatic or DXT5 in file format shouldn’t matter. but very important is mipmap FromFile or 1mm, so you don’t generate all the mipmaps on load. no idea what repair does on dxt5 files…

Yes I used the convvvverter…
It is set to 1mm and conversion was to DXT5
So on loading the DXT5 it will generate mipmaps that aren’t in the file? I should explicitly set that in the filetexture?
The thing that was odd though was the patch running faster with an empty renderer on the 1 screen…

Hmm ok if you set the file resolution manually in the file texture, the repair pin doesn’t affect frame rate.
Automatic/from file/1mm doesn’t affect fps, setting to all or 2etc does.
With render I can get 60fps mainloop (30fps frame playback) deleting it I get 20-30fps (this is the minimum fps over 20 frame average)

it might be some resource handling. if you delete the renderer, save the patch and restart vvvv? same?

Renderer deleted and saved, reopen the patch min fps around 40, add a second render min fps 60…
Can no one else confirm this…?
Obviously change the spread counts till it works on your system…

its a nice test case, if we can reproduce it… will try next week.