Strange expr node behaviour

Hi, i was trying to use the power function of expr and couldn’t make a simple expression as a^b work… i tried to write a^b - apowb - (a)pow(b) but didn’t work…then i came accross another patch here in the forum that was using a different version of the expr node and voila it worked…

i have posted the patch with the 2 “different” expr nodes…why if i do a^b in the default expr node that comes with v4 it does not work?

strange expr.v4p (5.6 kB)

pow(a, b)

agreed, the helppatch didn’t really explain this. i fixed that.

in your patch the left (legacy) node is no longer supposed to be used. it is only still there for older patches not to break. the new node uses a better math parser.

yeah works great this way!!
thx very much