Strange behaviour with Spout

Hey vvvvers,

Has anybody experienced a difference in Textures when using Spout between the applications? I’m trying to get a Texture from Unity into v4, and it looks like some strange geometry distortion is happening. See the Image. vvvv 34.1 64 bit.



How are you sending on Unity side? Make sure that the cam rendering to a RenderTexture (for spout sending) has the same settings as your output cam - it looks like it hasn’t.

hi herbst,

the problem is indeed somwhere there. The RenderTexture-Cam is set to Forward, when I set it to Deferred / Deferred Legacy it’s working. But I’d rather use Forward, if that’s possible.

What do you mean with “output cam”? The standard main camera is set to Forward. When I set the Spout-Camera to Forward I get that strange effect…



looks like it’s just missing some kind of drawing order (depth buffer / layers?) …?

Yeah, that’s more what I mean - check the near and far clipping, check the depth buffer/layer settings on the RenderTexture-Cam.