Strange behaviour of the vux voronoi - help patch

hi, to vux and all

as soon as you change the linewith or the drawing methode,
some lines from some points of the voronoi diagram
to the very left upper corner appear.
did anyone recognize the same issue with the voronoi edges in the help patch
and are there any solutions for this problem -
i tried to convert the data into vectors and use it in the directx render,
but i can not make my mind around the drawing order.

since im new i need such queastion such a stupid thing eats more then a day of work.

thanks alot and please help with probably short words.

Martin Kern, Graz


could you please send a small patch so i can check?


i have seen this behaviour, too, when diagnosing the problem i emailed you about, vux.
km, the lines to the left upper corner are a bug, actually

i but it into 3d space and change the line with there.
is the bug fixed? just to know?


not yet (as far as i know).