Strange behaviour of obj depth for dof effect

hi everybody,
i was using the obj_depth node by dottore to use it with the DOF node but if i spread the objects along z from 0 to -8 and using a camera to view the entire field all the objects become white (as if they all were in the same z) instead if i spread them with z from -1 to 1 (withouth using a proper camera because all the objects fits in the renderer) it works…

i have attached the patch i was testing it with and if you need you can find the DOF plugin here dof

hope someone can give me some tips on what i am doing wrong, thanks

obj_depth test.v4p (32.1 kB)

look at the DOF help patch: if you right clic on the depth renderer you will see it’s almost all white and the dof still works.
the answer is that the depth texture it’s in float format: it contains values out of the 1-0 interval. that’s why looking at the renderer is not a good reference.
keep in mind to set the DX9 texture under the depth renderer to a 16/32 bit format (…look int the help…)

thx doc that solved the problem!