Storing sreads as slices

i have different variations of a stirng (filename) spread which i would like to store as a slice in a different spread which will hold all the filename variations.

idealy i would like to add the spread each time i change the a slice in the filename spread

i dont see any nodes that wil allow me to do so though. im sure i overlooked them. help please.

are u looking for + (string spectral) ?

no. that is concatenating a string of spreads into an iobox string

speaking in textual language

id like to have an array w/ arrays inside of the array… so basically a multidimensional array…

in the same way i would like to be able to create a spread which contains spreas in its slices.

maybe cons(string) helps although i don’t fully understand ur problem…

please provide a patch

actually i thought of a way to avoid what i was doing before… instad of storying the files in spreads i made a patch which makes a grid of the images using their corresponding filenames and outputs a dx9texture node. now im going to attempt to store the textures in a spread.

i somehow fear you want to do a work around for the bizarre copycat bug with the keyboard by testing the incoming string against a set of misspelled filenames. from what i understand from your question you should take a look at Sift (String). but please try to explain your problem: when do you you need to change the filename spread?

there is no thing as a multidimensional array in vvvv. you need to always deal with onedimensional spreads. as no RAM chip and no computer architecture is multidimensional this is not a fundamental problem - just a matter of getting the right perspective of the problem, and knowing which index contains what data.

sorry to confuse. this post was actually for an issue not concerning the cuecat input. i resorted to using the processing program i wrote earlier which sends the data (filenames) from the cuecat via osc. this was another issue where i need to keep store and access various dynamically created textures…

multidimensional spreads are tricky, you have to know how many slices you add and you have to store this data for later access…