Storing spread data

Hey there, still working on my video player

my videoplayer is navigated by fiducial markers which are tracked via an infrared camera. each film has his own fiducial marker and when you put the marker in a special place in front of the camera, the video (which is identified by the fiducial id) start to play. the tracking work perfectly and also the playing of the right video via the tracked id number, the problem is that I get the filename of the video through a getSlice of a spread with all filenames, if the user puts away the fiducial marker the filestream gets empty data for the input and the video stops to play in my dx9 renderer (not in the video out, there it continues playing!) the sound never stops and plays and plays and plays,…till the end of the movie. Setting the FileStream´s play feature to 0 does not help because he gets an empty input as filename and so he can´t access the audio any more I think, what can I do? Is it possible to store the data of a getSlice till new Data arrives?

regards, Gerd

S+H (Animation) or S+H (Strings) is your friend

and replaceEmpty (Value)