Storing and retrieving animation values

Hi all,

What is the best way to store a bunch of values that can be retrieved by an index?

For example, I am using a PictureStack (EX9.Texture Position). When I switch to position 1, I want to have a set of pans and zooms that work with that image. When I switch to position 2, I want another set that works for that image.

And ofcourse, the Directory pin is spreadable. So is there a way to store ‘pages’ of values?

A bit like this:

Pic Index | Animation Values
Directory 1: 0 | 0.004 0.050 0.9
1 | 0.004 0.050 0.3
2 | 0.004 0.050 1.1

Directory 2: 0 | 0.450 0.050 0.4
1 | 0.504 0.050 0.9

Directory 3: 0 | 0.077 0.050 0.2
1 | 0.400 0.098 0.6

The values should persist between vvvv sessions, either in the patch or in a separate file.

Any insights are welcome.


the timeliner might be your friend

Thanks sebl, i’ve had a thorough look at the timelinersa now… I see what your saying, each Pic Index in my diagram is like a state.

But it seems I can only go in linear sequence (OnBang next) or script in advance (OnBang someStateName).

Is there a way to random access? i.e. (OnStateNameRecieved )

you may use a random node, and a map after it .

just use an equal (string) node connected to the array of images and a sift node will give you the index to getslice the coordonates and size in your array:

image array:
0| myfile.jpg
1| myfileTY.jpg

image coordonates (x y scale x y):
0| 0.777 0.877 1 1
1| 2 1 0.5 0.7