Storing and buffering spreads

I ve got a spread of changing number of slices triggered by a bang, at every bang a new set of slices (different number of slices each time) is created.
I want to store this slices as they come in a final spread which will comprise all the slices I ve got, in the same order as they came.
I also want to be able to retrieve this spread if I close and reopen the patch (non volatile data)
The Store node seems a good candidate for this.

After that I want to be able to buffer those slices so I can get the first which came, then the second, up to a given number of slices, “pack” them and then create another set.
Ideally I d have 2 sets at any given time: one “active” and one “on wait to be active”.

I d like some pointers about which nodes to use or if there is any patch out there that does soemthing similar so I can have a reference.



BUMP on this one, I ve tried Ringbuffer and Buffer but I can t seem to grasp the basic concepts of storing blocks of incoming values, any pointer?

hm, i always use queue for those purposes… if you need the binsizes, why not use a second queue for them?

or i didn’t get the point…

hi there.

You might have a look at the Dictionary node by@eno
Its pretty handy for this kind of stuff. Plus you get an ID for every slice and it can handle BinSizes. Extensive use in IRIS.

Getting closer.
To clarify things up a bit.
I am parsing a Twitter feed so i get let s say the latest 30 tweets, every 5 seconds I bang a refresh and the list of tweets MAY update or not.
I want to smooth out the way i get the Tweets, so i can get let s say 6 of them every minute, if new ones are available, the oldest ones but not yet read, then passing to the more recent ones and so on, eventually stop if none is available.
I am tempted to do some wild logic combination with boolean nodes (consider I can get the ID for each Tweet) but i fear there may be a fairly easier solution, hence I am here asking… :)

I’m interested too in this behavior.
In the attached patch seems I got something similar to what you’re looking for, though there’s a slice I don’ get why is there…
Anyways just click on toggle IOBox, and please let me know what you think, beside Dictionary node which seems interesting - still haven’t patched anything with it.


storing.v4p (12.9 kB)

Here an idea for strings. (3.8 kB)

Old thread, but thought it might be worth while pointing you to something @electromeier made here: