Stopwatch (Animation) + EQ (Value)

I can’t manage to link the output of EQ(Value) to the reset pin of Stopwatch(Animation). I would like to reset the stopwatch when a certain number is generated.

Thanks in advance.

hello, first of all, dont use a = to check for a value, vvvv renders in frames, there is no guarantee, that a particular value is ever reached. instead use a > value. then to connect it back to the input of the stopwatch, you must use a FrameDelay, means, the stopwatch resets one frame later.

but what is it you want to do? it sounds more like a task for MonoFlop…

i fully second tonfilm.
but in general you will enhance your knowledge when reading about Creating Feedback Loops.

Thank you for your replies, tonfilm & kalle.

What I wanted to do is to increase value1 everytime a certain other value2 changes, and then reset value1 when it reaches, let’s say 10. But now I figured out, that I can use Change + Counter to solve my problem.

I have to try a lot of complicated stuff, before I come to an easy solution :D.