Steering question

i am trying to simulate the controls of an airplane,
how can rolling sideways change the up-direction ?

steering question.v4p (29.1 kB)

In your patch it seems that you’ve already made this steering beaviour.
Maybe you want to control it via arrow keys.

In this case I’m using counter but I don’t know if it’s correct…
Maybe someone more academic than me can simplify attached patch


steering.v4p (6.6 kB)

@robe: the described problem has been discussed here

found this module
added initial position and rotation

Steer (Transform Vector).zip (8.2 kB)

Sorry ggml!
I didn’t understand the question…
Still some matter related to transformation order I guess…

Anyway Do you think the counter approach is right?


…then i found Rotate (Transform Succesive Vector)
now it seems to work right

@robe: i use Integrate(Differential). I think it depends on the kind of control you need

Steer (Transform Vector).zip (6.7 kB)

Thanks for the Integrate (Differential) suggest. I’ll look into that…

Sorry If I’m boring you on this topic, maybe I don’t get the point…
…If I rotate on the Y axis I suppose the translation values will act on the object axis not on the world axis…

Just curious…