State Input/Output Auto-Renaming Causes Compilation Errors


I think this is a serious bug and is causing a significant workflow disruption. The issue occurs with the automatic renaming of state inputs/outputs when a user creates a new pin named “Input” or “Output” on a member operation. This happens very easily when starting a link from one of the many pins named “Input” or “Output”.

Here’s the sequence of events leading to the problem:

  1. A user creates a new pin named “Input” or “Output” on a member operation.
  2. The system automatically renames any existing state inputs/outputs from “Input” or “Output” to “State Input” or “State Output” to avoid naming conflicts.
  3. The user then renames the newly created user pin to a different name.
  4. As a result, the system attempts to rename the state inputs/outputs back to “Input” or “Output”.

After step 4, the VL editor generates compilation errors throughout the project, which cannot be resolved by the undo operation. The errors persist and seem to confuse the compiler, which doesn’t properly recognize the renaming when it’s reverted.

using 5.3 preview 0380

Thanks for giving those detailed instructions. Will see what we can do.

Implicit renaming of state pins was definitely broken for nested patches. For example when you placed the definition inside your application patch (and not in the definition patch), and added an output pin (step 1 in your example), things already fell apart. This is fixed now in the upcoming build.

Once it’s online could you please check again? Did some simple tests and it was behaving fine after that.

Unfortunately, I cannot test it doe to this issue.