Starting four videos time delayed on multiple monitors

Hi everybody,

for a project I need to start four videos on four screens delayed in time by click. For this reason I have a computer with four DVI outputs by two integrated graphics board.

Could you please help me out? I am using vvvv for the first time so it’s not easy for me.

Thanks a lot for your support! :)

what is your question ?
What is your difficulties about ?
can you play one video first ?
(you could login, it could be fine… :-)

My question is how create a patch that works for this ;-) As I’m new to vvvv I really don’t know how to start but need it urgently for a presentation.

I found this patch about multiscreening: multiscreen (ex9)

Is it the right approach? Everytime I press the mouse button a video should start on of the four screens. I know how to playback a video but not how to say that it should run on a specific screen and combine those patches.

this can be handed :
faq multiscreen

if you don’t need edgeblend: you could simply do this:
put one renderer windows by screen:

screens.v4p (5.8 kB)

Hi again :)

I’m afraid I have no Windows on my MacBook at the moment to experiment in vvvv. But I think it’ll be the right way to go :) Meanwhile I’ve read a few things about multiscreen in vvvv. That doesn’t seem too complicated to me. But what about starting multiple videos by click? This seems more tricky to me as a total beginner :(

This is my scenario:

Start video 1 by click on screen 1
Near the end of video 1, video 2 will show up on the second screen automatically
video 2 is started by click
Near the end of video 2, video 3 will show up on the second screen automatically

In the attachment I have scribbled my setup. Maybe it’ll help to understand what I’m exactly talking about ;)

Thanks again for any help! :)

Be aware of VVVV running with 60fps natively. Most of the Videos are encoded in 24 or 30fps. So you probably have to adjust the MainLoop Node (this is not necessary but makes it more easy to handle the Queue afterwards).
With that in mind you could use Queue and GetSlice to implement a Delayed Video.

Check the Helppatches.


Edit.: See example Patch how it might work. And as Pauline said you can just use more then one Renderer to Split the delayed Videos across several Screen.

The Mainloop thing is not excactly working as it was working with Webcam In. But it might a good staring Point.

delayedVideo.v4p (12.8 kB)

Sorry for my late response, I’m very busy at the moment :(

I’ve tried a lot with your patches and your input. Basically it’s all working but I think there are some issues in performance.

In my patch there are four renderers but only two (maximum three) are working in full screen mode (1920x1080) at the same time. I tried another solution where I have one renderer by using “span mode” in my screen settings. But Windows 7 doesn’t support “span mode” :( So I think there’s no way in this trial…

In the attachment you can find my current status as a patch. It consists basically of four renderers – one renderer per screen. Each of them is controlled by the keys “1,2,3,4” on the keyboard. “5” starts the same file on every screen at the same time – but is not necessary for my problem ;)

Is there another possibility with a better performance?

Thanks for your great support!! :)

4Screens.v4p (32.5 kB)

If the performance of the computer isnt enough you can try boygrouping with a second one!

You mean to connect a second computer right?

We only have one available. Isn’t there another solution? Maybe with only one renderer or anything else? I actually don’t know if it’s a performance problem or something with the patch.

An approach using VLC might be more efficient and allow for the use of more codecs, I like to use H264 in a mov container.

4ScreensVLC.v4p (15.1 kB)

also its quite important to set the wait for frame to 0 if you use multiple video textures, especially when they run on different screens and in different fps. they can block each other… if all the videos have the same fps, its ok to set one video texture to 1.

and playing 4 FullHD videos is quite cpu intensive. the performance of the decoder matters the most… so you have to test different video codecs.

Thank you so much :) It seems to work pretty good now. There are some minor problems with the hardware but I think using VLC helps a lot :)