Start vvvv on Windows boot

Hi all,

I remember I read in some documentation page (I cannot find now) that it is possible to start Windows and tell it to use vvvv.exe as explorer.

This is usually done when there is a multimedia installation that needs vvvv to be launched on computer boot.

Is there a link or reference to this topic?

My question is:

  1. how to configure Windows to start vvvv at boot
  2. In case there is already this feature configured (so on boot Windows starts vvvv) how can I restore the default behaviour so vvvv do not start at boot in case I need to use the computer for something else.

Thanks in advance.

hey fibo,

What do you mean here ?

Usually you would create a .bat file that starts your vvvv patch (see here), and put that .bat file in your startup folder, so that Windows fires it each time the computer boots. When the project is done, you can simply remove the file from the startup folder.

That’s what I usually do. But I think he’s asking about using vvvv as a shell replacement. Maybe something like this might help?

afaik it’s more of an OS level feature then a vvvv specific thing, so old guides might have aged somewhat.

Ah, interesting! Never heard of that!

thanks, I mean both

I usually use Task Scheduler for this task. You can find it in the Computer Management. There you can also define lots of stuff around it, like delayed start or start only for specific users.

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