Start paused argument

good day good day,

sometimes, for debugging purposes, we need to load patches with vvvv paused. right now, one has to open gamma, pause it, and then load the patch.

would be great if we could have a command-line argument that directly starts vvvv in a paused state.



If its an easy setting for them to implement, I don’t see the harm, and I understand the frustration when you’re having frequent crashes because some new library is always calling null or being difficult in some other way. I tend to just open gamma and pause though; often I just need to open a file from the backups anyway.

2021.4.11 will have the --stoppedonstartup command line argument doing what you asked for.


Crazycool! Thanks for that!

I just edited by previous post, it’s called stoppedonstartup

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