Stallone without merging?


I have a contour freeframe plugin in my patch, now i got a list of coordinates and i want to distribute them using stallone, but the stallone module always merges things in the outputs, is there a way to get the individual values without merging?


do you really have to split the list? in vvvv, you can do almost everything with lists, its a key feature. so i would first think of a solution without Stallone… if you really want to split the list, open the help file of Stallone (press F1 while selected) and try to understand how the node works, you will see that it dont touches the values, it just distibutes them… a problem with Contour/Stallone is, that in most cases the output count of the positions is changing… good luck ;)

I have studied the help file of stallone, but it hasn’t helped me. The strange thing is, if i send the values trough a oscdecoder+udp and then to max/msp, i can unpack the values in proper order with osc-route and the unpack module, but i can’t get it to work in VVV :(


OSCmax.JPG (44.7 kB)

hm. i am not really sure from your explanation what you want to achieve, though i am quite optimistic it is possible. if you could post the patch i am sure we can help.

I’ve made a stripped version of my patch with a brief explanation:

Blobtracker stripped.v4p (14.0 kB)


what you did there is not soo correct. note that the spreadcount of the x and y outputs of Contour is dynamic. but you connected a stallone with two outputs kind of assuming that always two contours are found.

also you have set the ‘Spread Count’ input of the stallone nodes to 2, which doesn’t make sense…maybe all you want is have it set to 1?! still there will be a problem with those dynamic outputs of contours vs. the “static” splitter stallone…

huh…its really hard to explain from here for i am sure it is quite easy what you want to achieve, if i only knew what it is.

added some details in your patch. maybe they already help. if not, pls try to explain what you want to achieve again.

Blobtracker stripped.v4p (18.6 kB)