Stallone duplicates?

Hi to y’all,

This is my first post here, concerning a little problem of mine: apparently when the # of input slices on a Stallone are less then the output slices, Stallone repeats those slices untill the output spread is full… am I right?!? Is there a way to just output the existing slices, and fill the rest of the output spread with zero’s? Or am I missing something here?

thanx in advance from a newbie :)

you could fill up your spread with zero’s before feeding the stallone…

The thing is this: the spread is an Contour x-axis output, so as new contours appear and disappear, slices come and go. The amount of slices change continuously.
I did what kalle suggested and now the spread is doing exactly the same thing as the Stallone did. So it’s not the Stallone. What I would need is a spread of zero’s which get replaced with slices of the Contour-module whenever Contour outputs anything… hmmm. Am I making sense?

I’ll search some more in the vvvvorums, but any suggestion is very welcome.


OK, think I got it: Scroll(spread)

see ya later

and I’m back…

A new little issue occured now; the spread fills up with slices from above. So whenever a object ‘disappears’, the remaining slices shift one ID up. What I need is a way to keep the slices in their current ID, and new tracked objects refill from the top.
I’m trying to build something that sends MIDI-parameters from the x-y positions of people in a room, so when someone leaves, I can’t have all the parameters suddenly changing to someone else…
I’m probably just looking over some module, but I really can’t figure out how to do this (three weeks of vvvv experience :$), so any help is much appreciated!

thnx, zep