Stallone Count

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by truk on Friday 04 of March, 2005 [22:00:10 UTC](22:00:10 UTC)
it could be useful to change stallone count in a dynamical way by implementing an input for “Input Count” and “Output Count” for example to change easily the resolution of an fft analysis or something like that. by the way i would thank all the developpers for that greatful application so thanx a lot and keep going on this

Hi truk,
we recommend posting things to this forum, as we only quite occasional stumble across the page comments.

You´re probably looking for the Resample node?

Changing the input and output counts of the stallone with an input pin doesnt really make sense, as you wouldnt be able to connect or reconnect the new pins from within a running patch.
Also, our strategy of optimizing vvvv is that things done with the graph (like connecting, disconnecting, creating and deleting nodes) occur seldom, so can be time-consuming. On the other side, just pumping data through the graph should be as fast as possible all the time.