Stallone - cleaning modules

I’ve create a few modules and I’m in the process of cleaning up some of the extra pins. I’m trying to tidy them up by using stallone to pack multiple spreads into 1 pin but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it if the spreads have different indice amounts. Please see my patch for a better idea of what i’m talking about.


stallone.gif (7.3 kB)
3pins_help.v4p (13.2 kB)

hi does Vector (3d) Join help ?

3pins_help.v4p (17.4 kB)

Vector 3d join is not a solution. It can only have 3 inputs and 3 outputs, i need a solution that i can set the number of multiple inputs. secondly, you can see from your patch that it outputs 566 spreads on all 3 outputs!

thanks anyways!

some effort but works:
convert to strings and do some string operations.

i think this is what you mean.

btw: check your msgs here, my long lost brother!

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another option i think (4.2 kB)

…or use a 2nd vector for the counts

btw: getspread is faster than getslice and ispread

3pins_help.v4p (12.6 kB)

hey qwicks!

is your module really easier to use / to understand by reducing the amount of pins?
i’m not sure if you tidy your modules up in that way. for me it sounds like they get more complex and unreadable in that way.

please don’t get me wrong. i don’t even know of that modules you are exactly talking about, but this is really just a feeling.

would you mind to post a declaration of what a certain module does and what parameters or outputs it has / should have? in that way you free your mind about the implementation details and just think about the interface for the user…

maybe a future version supports to hide pins of modules by default. so i think many parameter (in) pins with some declarative names are better than a slim node interface with some few pins which are difficult to feed with meaningful data.

Thanks for all your replies and patches! I was hoping there was some node or something simple that I have missed. But it seems that your solutions are more complicated than just joining the pins directly.

It would be great to have a stallone like node that could send different spread counts.

@gregsn:I was making my own custom module and I needed a easy way to connect one module to another. The 6 OUT pins on module_A connects to the 6 IN pins on module_B. So I was looking for a way to condense the connections to 1 pin instead of 6.