Stallone and udp and dmx engine

hi !
always on the udp to dmx engine…
(0-255 value > spell value as ascii > string stallone > spectral + > UDP )
how to fill stallone if no connected pin ?
if an input is not connected, the output will not be added of the chain of charcaters, wich means for examples:

O to 512 input ( dmx array)

connected to first input and connected to third input ( no connection in second input) will send
CH 0 and CH 1 , not CH 0 and CH 2…

any basic idea, elegant way to avoid to connect 512 sliders ?


could you post the patch? it’s not immediately obvious what the problem is …

hi dikki !
sorry not to be clear.
Here is a patch that show what i do not want to do !

for example:
Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5
150 NOCx 120 110 139

if i do not connect Ch2 to stallone, instead having 150 0 120 110 139 , i will have 150 120 110 139…

wich means that my dmx engine will affect to channel 2 level of channel 3.

this trouble will be surely there also for little_cat dmx engine, wich is waiting for a 512 buffer. Will we need to connect 512 sliders ? argh…

the goal is to have an easy way to plug to litlle_cat. You want channel 30 to control ? just connect to channel 30 pin…
or am i supposed to do a subpatch ?

pipe_120CH.v4p (309.6 kB)

i hate when it becames hidden …

pipe_test120CH.v4p (305.6 kB)

whoa now, there’s some things you need to know! your patch is unnecessarily complicated because you’re missing some basic concepts!

you should definitely read the Documentation more thoroughly, specifically about Spreads, more Tutorial Spreads and even more Tutorial SpreadsII. there is no need to copy the same nodes over and over again! vvvv is smarter than that!

i believe you can simplify your patch to the attached version. also, you might want to check the helpfile for I (Spreads) ; you are using it to force IOBoxes to integer, but are creating a giant load of spreads in the process.

example.v4p (8.0 kB)

01010101!!! ( translation of “mille sabords !” exclamation )
i have read spreads, diki, but I was thinking that was stallone adding by its input the character chain…
ok… you are right… i need to read more carefully all once again…

think spread think spread think spread … biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppp

Piping.jpg (495.2 kB)