SSAO and soft shadows


In this video by Abstract Birds -

(great job btw)

  • objects seem to be using SSAO and soft shadows shading together.

Anyone have an idea how these shaders might be combined?

With difficulty, I imagine the answer is :)


I am very interested as well!

Is there some guide how to combine multiple shaders into one??

Hey Meierhans, turns out the answer to my question is straightforward, but doesn’t involve the shader hacking that we would like to learn about. (for better or worse)

All you need to do is render your soft shadowed version to a texture and feed it into the diffuse input of the ‘ssao_blur’ shader within the SSAO3 subpatch.

Try it with the supplied statue model. Stunning!


Hey! Meier logic says me that it’s possible because of technique both this shaders quite same, will put it on my list, but not sure that i will have time before NY… Have gigs on all the weekends … =]


Feel free to chuck DOF in there too ;P

oh and while you’re at it, bump mapping too ;)

actually don’t think, there’s much that can be combined.
softshadows need a depthmap but from lightview.
ssao needs the depth (and normals) from camera view -> screen space.

softshadows renders onto the object itself.
ssao is a posteffect, meaning an overlay over the scene.

but correct me, if i’m wrong

THX for the offer, sure I can wait until next year, no problem. Just starting to learn v4, far away from doing shows with it anyways. Its incredible powerful… and incredible complex as well… ;)

@: woei you are totally right.

think were deep on hangover when wrote it…
will need to check that out thought SSAO weren’t post fx somewhy.

guys, no, solution right now multipass only SSf SSAO

but… as always ;]

i think we can try to combine say DoF and kalles Directional Blur
with some dynamic noise could be good option
and make try make SSf with Displacement that i wanted some time ago