Squarepusherish patch

The other day I’ve seen video from Squarepushers latest show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvLAKrVbCBM
Seemed like simple and effective idea for audioreactive graphics, so I thought it would be nice excercise to try something similar with vvvv. I made my attempt and got stucked at this stage. If you feel like taking look at my patch and share some knowledge please do so.

i’m very ambivalent about that visual. it’s only good because of the leds and that awesome helmet but the content is like “first tries in AVS when i was 15” seriously those visuals almost could be done in vvvv’s gdi renderer except the feedback.

getslice 2d vector is missing…

let’s say I’m 15 and I’m going through the basics :) actually my request is exactly about that…got your point thought

I like it, it’s a matter of taste.

http://squarepusher.net/planetgear/ if you want some further reading.

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square_LeClonish.v4p (18.0 kB)

thanks lecloneur!!!