Square shot

i am using a blacktracker for video input, and my problem is the
surface i want to track is a square, while the video input is rectangle
since i cant strech the input into a square size (that would still leave the
edges i dont want in the shot), im looking for a way to get the video input and
add white rectangles to it at the sides, before it goes into the blacktracker module.
any ideas?

out of interest…are u using my blacktrack patch or the blacktrack freeframe plugin ?

if it’s the patch then u can simply adjust the texture. put the videotexture onto a quad and scale this quad til it fits ur needs. then feed the output of the connected renderer via DX9texture into pipet…done.

a different approach would be scaling the tracking coordinates. so u don’t have to touch the input at all but map the y coordinates til the range is equal to the x coordinates.

if it is the freeframe plugin we could modify it but this would take a while as i’m quite busy right now. but mapping the y coordinates of the output would work here as well.

i think im using yr patch.
i couldn’t adjust the texture size(since it squeezed the input into a square) but i added 2 white quads at the sides and followed yr advise and that works.