Sqlite speedup - asynchronous plugins


at the moment i play a bit with the (powerfull) database-nodes from @vux - especially with the sqlite ones.

i patched a small thingy (attached) that creates and fills a sqlite table. the idea behind this one is a quick convert from csv to a real database where you can easily and fast use all those sql querys.

everything works fine, except the speed of the filling. on my machine (mbp 2,5ghz) only about 10 records per second can be inserted. so, inserting 1000 rows last a while and vvvv hangs until the job is done

the questions:

  • do you know a better/faster way to achieve this?
  • is there a way to build plugins that do not sync with the mainloop so vvvv runs along while the plugin works in the background?

thanks for the attention

sqlite_speeeed.v4p (34.7 kB)