SPRITE for POINT CLOUD as DDS Texture, Second Shader not working

I can load a 3D Coordinate Model as DDS Texture2d thanks to Shader “ConstantXYZ”. Post here https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/12267
But I’l trying to make in with dx11 Sprites way,… always facing camera.
Here is the patch with one shader working but rendering point as simple pixel.
In the second shader, I tried to make it with Sprite texture facing camera but…
Please if somebody have an idea !


PointCloudfromDDStoSprite.zip (3.8 MB)

yea dude this sprite code needs to be rewrited hehe

don’t think this exactly correct but

PointCloudfromDDStoSprite_1.zip (3.9 MB)

Ok, thanks this is good help for me. I think I will follow vux workflow as explain https://vimeo.com/56462513 with StreamOut_Rebind girlpower patch.

Finally I’m very close to good result with your help…
But there are always some interrogation about alpha behaviour and renderer depth buffer mode, if you can take a look, I put my real PointCloud to show the difference.

PointCloudfromDDStoSpriteSEcond.zip (21.2 MB)

hi there is prolly something overwritten in alpha channel…

ok so what u have is actually quite usual thing. It’s been explained over and over again… There is few teches to fix that up, discard is chippest one but it also removes antialiasing from image.
And don’t use that Halo Dot.bmp dunno who added that in there the person shud be shot on site…

PointCloudfromDDStoSpriteSEcond_1.7z (748.4 kB)

I have a problem on the transformation apply to a pointcloud charged by DDs in a shader. The general transformation from outside of the shader make problems in orientation of the texture of each particles (2d texture) that does not appera in front of the camera…
Does anyone got an Idea ?


PointCloudDs.rar (9.2 MB)