Spreads merging


I’m trying to merge two spreads so that the output has the same number of slice than each input spread (that’s the same for each spread input). And i’d like that each input spread slice index modify exactly the same output spread index. See file below.
Sorry if that’s a simple question.


spreadsmerging.v4p (6.1 kB)

dont know if i understood, but maybe its like that:

spreadsmerging.v4p (5.9 kB)

it is not clear to me what should happen there.

should the value of an output slice be switched to that input which changed last?
should the value be interpolated between the two input values?

what happens if you use different spreadcounts for the input spreads?

Tonfilm u got it right.
Btw excuse me for the messy explanation.
Thx a lot :)

Inspired me to a module.

you even may use spreads with different spreadcounts.

LTP means “Last Takes Precendence” which is a well kown term in DMX techniques.

LTP (Spreads).zip (3.7 kB)