Spreading or "bin sizing" a B-Spline3d?


I have some objects moving along a bunch of (sp)lines (like this: .-2 - the two spheres in the back). So far I have achieved this with an LFO slicing along the line, giving me the y/z of the current x-position. This however requires me to set an unnecessarily high resolution and despite this, the objects still move a bit jaggy at times.

Now, I’m not sure whether another approach will be really any better and/or save some performance, but I thought of using a B-Spline(3D) for the objects’ movement and it works nicely - for one line. How can I split/spread the B-Spline(3d) into n numbers, similar to how a Line functions?

I found a similar question (forum:b-spline-bin-pin) and while everyoneishappy’s solution might point in the right direction, I would estimate there’s is another way than picking apart the B-Spline-(3d), no?

I was once helped out in a similar situation på this thread: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8751