Spreading a mesh based object?

Have a sub patch that generates an arc (a mesh). I’d like to generate many arcs with different settings and at different positions. What do i need to change?

Text based coder looking for help, thanks.


multiplesofmesh.zip (4.8 kB)

Hm, i guess i’m thinking too complicated here. Should i look at one node (of my sub patch) in my main patch as one instance? If so, how can i create a spread of nodes?

you cannot create a spread of (different) meshes with Mesh (Join) . you could either try to achieve different instances via connecting a Transform (3d) to the shader
use Segment (EX9.Geometry 2d) which can be spreaded

Thanks woei, see i’m preparing for the class …

So, there’s no way to create a “new primitive” through patching, right?

K, i think i’m getting a hang on it … new version attached.

arcsinspace.zip (13.7 kB)