Spreaded renderer

this was supposed to be pretty simple, but I can t manage to achieve it: how to spread the texture transformations of a spreaded renderer?
I ll attach the patch…

spreaded-renderer.v4p (12.7 kB)

helo io,

despite the Quads output showing a spread of layers, you cannot access those individual slices. we should really not show the output as spreaded…

so in your case you’d need 2 quads going to the 2 renderers and each having different texturecoordinates applied.

Joreg, I am looking for a solution where I have > 10 spreads, isn t there a way to “counter-spread” the quads out to single textures without having to do that for each quad?

i can’t follow…probably it would be best if you describe (maybe in a sketch) what you actually try to achieve. try not to describe how you think it should be done but rather only describe the desired result.

Ok i got it this is something about what i was trying to do, and yes the output of quads should not look like a normal spread (that s tricky!)

spreaded-renderer.v4p (10.7 kB)

hm, but that is quite different from your first example where you had multiple renderers.

so while still not exactly sure what you’re after maybe the GridSplid (2d) comes in handy for you when you try to split the prerendered texture to some quads…

Yes it is quite different because I was trying to apply different texture transform to the render instead of the final quad. Of course the attached patch is an exemplification of the whole idea. I am just trying to apply a set aof textures that I am getting from the FFT spread values to different 3D objects for a small mapping project.
You ve misspelled the module gridsplit (2d), just in case. Yes I was eying that module too, pretty slick…