Spreaded DX9Texture broken

Hey devvvs

Quick note:

If you have a single DX9Texture node, and use a spread on the ‘Format’ config pin, then the first slice output works correctly, but the remaining ones are blank.

On vvvv28, ATI 6770

MRE doesn’t work either?
update: multiple rendertarget works for me on nvidia. so i think it will be an ati thing or some sneaky bug in the shader

works here as well on nvidia. no ATI in da house.

can you please check:
girlpower+ Render Targets\multiple rendertargets.v4p

it shows you how many simultaneous rendertargets are supported on your card (4 on mine) and shows 4 blobs of circles in different shades of gray in the renderer.

also would be interesting if you see a difference in behaviour between a28 and b27.2