Spreaded arrows pointing cursor position

Hi vvvversssss

I’m trying to make something like the image.
If you move around the cursor, size and angle of the line will change.
So on this image, where the line is the thinnest and where the lines are pointing, is where the cursor it.
Anyone has idea how to generate this stuff? m bad on math…

I think you can start from here:

linetomouse.v4p (8.6 kB)

ahhhhhhh, nice thanks!!
points2vector, zip, nodes that ive never tried. thanks so much Luper!!

This is better, you can also control length of lines…

But looking in the pictures you posted, seems that the lines are not pointing in the same point! BTW I guess is just to give the graphic idea right?

linetomouse2.v4p (20.4 kB)

yeah i just noticed that some lines are curving, which actually looks nice.
Im now working on a touch panel shit for kidz, and thought this kinda visual would be simple but fun to play. just making bunch of touch panel prototype visuals and testing what would actually be fun.

i improved the line length thing, but yours look better… gotta learn more logix.

please also check the examples of parasitic-design-a-vvvv-beginners-cookbook which show similar stuff and come with detailed explanations.

Thanks joreg!!