Spreadable Switch (Node)

hi vvvvolks,

wouldn’t it be handy to have a spreadable Switch (Node)? i could imagine it especially for complex playback system. you could very easily have a dynamic group by spreading it like in my example.

for example scene 1 is layer 1+2, scene 2 is layer 2+3.
or am i just not thinking of the node which does that already?


Switch Node.v4p (3.0 kB)


don’t think, this is a mere switch problem.

getslicing on layer connections doesn’t work anyways.

but even with transforms and cons + getslice (which is about the same as switch) it won’t work.


i noticed that there appears to be some basic capabilities which other things can descend from.


  • GetSlice
  • Cons

You can do almost anything with spreads with those 2 nodes (except storage)

Almost everything is 'GetSlice’able (so not Layers, anything else?)
Not many thing are 'Cons’able

You can Cons and GetSlice EX9.Texture, which means you can build modules that:

  • Select
  • Switch
  • SwapDim
  • InsertSlice
  • GetSpread
  • SetSlice
  • CDR
  • CAR
    with the same charachteristics as the Value versions (type Spread)
    You can Cons a Transform (GetMatrix, Cons)
    You cant Cons a DirectShow
    You cant Cons a Layer
    Perhaps some of these things are 'Cons’able inside plugins, but would anything receiving the Spread understand what to do with it?

It seems that in the future we’ll have generic spread nodes,
As long as a type inherits (for e.g.) ‘IGetSliceable’ and ‘IConsable’, then you can use those nodes with that type.
If it only inherits ‘IGetSliceable’ then you can only use some of the spread nodes.