Spreadable S nodes

Hi all

I am working with receiving a lot of OSC addresses from Ableton Live via Max4Live.

I basically receive everything all in one go and would like to distribute everything from one place.

see attached patch for a more detailed feature wish description.


EDIT: in the same line of thought, a spreadable receiver would also be needed

SpreadableSender.v4p (11.6 kB)

Or if some of you have a clever way around this I am all ears

Have a look at @velcrome’s message-2.0

Look at vvvv-Message.

In the github repo, there is a girlpower patch for Reaktor (similar to what lasal and StiX made, but imho much more flexible, yet simpler).

Your “one place” would be the Safe (which holds all the data), and with Read or Split you can noodle down from there (or make Send/Listening combos without links).

In the girlpower folder, there is also an example for TouchOSC, which should also be of interest, on how you make do without AvoidNil, S+H, AsValue/AsString and Stallone.

I remember I was thinking at one point that I should use message for this project… but then I forgot about it… of course I need message.

thanks guys