Spreadable Resample

Hi guys! I have some group of point I wanna to interpolate, but I don’t know before the exact number…
So what I need is a spreadable Resample (3d Vector)

do have you any idea how to do it?

SpreadableResample.v4p (13.4 kB)

Resample (3d Vector) just needs a binsize pin added on top, nothing else extra needed.

SpreadableResample-2.zip (3.4 kB)

The resample (3D Vector) you used, is just a module, so you can right click on it, and add that Binsize pin yourself!! (than Save it, but will only work on YOUR version off vvvv!!)

No idea why this pin isn’t in the Module. <== Suggestion to fix this!!

as the module is part of the vvvv-sdk, everybody can make a pull request for the fix.