Spreadable IOBox (String) bug

Hello. I’m found a bug - first of all you need to create IOBox (String) with 2 or more slices and connect it to FileTexture node. Then, rightclick to each slices and select needed texture. In my patch i’m getting “folderWidthTextures\textureN.png” and in Renderer(TTY) i’m see “textureN.png (Mip Map Count: 4294966185) couldn’t be created: D3DXERR_INVALIDDATA”. It’s can be solved by adding …/ before each file path, so it will look like “…\folderWidthTextures\textureN.png” . But textures folder placed in the same dirrectory with main patch. What’s wrong?

Everything you know is wrong)))

i can not confirm.
for me subfolder path looks like ‘folder\texture.png’

but i faced something like bug when… your patch was made e.g. in beta25, but you opens it in beta24. i have one vvvv instans at the moment, so can not check, but i’m sure i had this bug

Hmm, but i still facing it. Will try to reproduce it at home and send you test patches this weekend.

hmm, you certain that the output pin of i\o shows the file path correct? since it ussually show location of vvvv dir if you try to right click and chose something in folder with patch…

althought known bug as i remeber…

finally i can confirm bug with filetexture node in case of subpatch.

place filetexture node in subpatch and make a string input pin for filename.
go to parent patch, make ioboxstring, connected to filename pin…
here is bug

@alg: still waiting for your testpatches that reproduce the case you initially reported

hey joreg

i made this. looks like not critical,
but when you have huge project…

stringbug.zip (9.6 kB)

@joreg: i’m checked @bo27 attachment and can confirm that is the same bug i desribed previously.