Spreadable inputs for UDP (Network Client)

It would be great to have spreadable inputs for UDP (Network Client). As a workarond I made the ugly and bulky attached montersubpatch. I had to send a spread of UDP Packets that werde generated in VVVV to a spread of IPs at the highest framerate possible.

… or is there a other way to patch this more elegant ?


UDP_128ketten_070311_1.v4p (278.1 kB)

maybe you can cons the data and broadcast to all clients at xxx.xxx.xxx.255 and select the right data there…

Does a + (String Spectral) on sending and Something to split it on recieving end doesn’t work with UDP??

i made something similar for my dome project. with the following modules i was able to send 30 float values ,without preceivable latency - as spreads !

pretty simple protocol which should be easy to alter for sending strings.

data_send accepts value spreads right now and sends them to every machine within 192.168.3.(0-255)

data_receive gets the nonsense at the client machines.

hope that helps…

udp_spreads.zip (2.2 kB)

thank you for all your tips/ideas.

Problem is that the receiver side for the UDP-packets are a lot of identical non-vvvv devices with different IPs that can not be modified…
As they are identical and only differ through their IPs, I can not send to .255 as the devices wont´t know what packets are supposed to go to what device !

… any further ideas for a smart workaround … any developer willing and having time to work on a spreadable UDP (Network Client) ?


i assume i know what these devices are…

the TCP node is spreadable. having UDP (and RS232) spreadable would be a great, i completely agree…