Spread X File into Lines

Hi! I need to get a realy simple effect. I think it’s just a spread of group of Boxes from X File. I whant to make Thron like effect, with the geometry, so all visible borders have to shine with glowing laser light. I think it’s quite simple, it need’s a shader or a proper spread, but i’m in Moscow, so it’s really hard to get proper info on anything here. Althoght you can’t understand half of that things! If anyone can point me in a proper direction, it would be awesome.

I end up with X File, i can move it around the screen, cut it with black plane, put one texture on them all or make them all different color, i want to try make a video texture on it, but i cant understand how to make it load more then one AVI file.

                Hope it's not a complete nOOb qestion?.>

Looks like i’m continiung to gainin skills, i really used the vertex buffer, but it also draws a rediculus lines in the middle of all boxes, and more then half of the edges are missed :) So that the help i wanted, how to remove thouse lines off? And make it draw a proper lines??? Any other way?ڝ