Spread Transform

I was just wondering if there is a way to make a spread out of transformations without having to translate them to numbers.

… and at the same time how can you get a slice from a spread of transformations?

getslice(node) is your friend…

I have to admit that retrospectively I see my second question rather dumb… (sometime I d just have to stop patching and relax for a bit instead of spamming the forum this way… ;))
But I still stick to my first question though…

hi simone

can please rephrase your original question.
you want to make a spread outof transformations, right? but you already have a spread of transformations? What kind of spread would you like to have at the end?


I think what is missing is a Cons (Transform).

ah. well, this one is coming with beta>23

and for now you can workaround with GetMatrix (Transform) and SetMatrix (Transform).

https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/Cons (Transform)_2010.08.31-09.32.39.jpg

Ok, I know the get/set matrix “trick”, as well as transforming the transform into numbers, but I was looking for a more clean and native way of making a spread of trannsform, now I see it s due on the next release … yummi…

We get a Cons (transform)??? Nice!!! :)