Spread size corruption, supposedly triggered by system defined decimal separator

The node is supposed as a shortcut for setting up server (vvvv) or kontrolleur (network) and connecting the ports to your TodoMap (TodoMap). It’s TodoMap’s built-in OSC-connector for exposed pins, a great piece of comfort. Unfortunately, as of now, it has a tiny bug…

Until the node page features an explanation, i’d like to hint on the explanatory video “vvvv exposed controller and todomap demo”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubQU8uSEKSc by @antokhio.

The bug

inside TodoExposedController (TodoMap) occurs with my OS set to german localization.
(We use comma as separator and dot as thousands separator:
english - 1,000,000.0
german - 1.000.000,0
Windows holds a registry value for this.)
Whenever the incoming signals has a fractional part, some string operation seems to split this (and only this) slice into two.
I guess replacing a fixed ‘,’ by something like
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\sDecimal could do the trick.

However thank you, vux, for the great node!


Until then, manually setting the registry value to “.” will do the trick.

However thank you, vux, for the great node!