Spread shows as changed when static

I do not understand why the spread results as changed even if it is not changing.
SpreadChanged.vl (7.5 KB)

you can use a SequenceChanged to check if the contents of that sequence changed. The Spread is created every frame with the repeat node. also the SetSlice produces a new spread.

And the foreach isn’t needed for the setslice.

maybe you want to use a cache to compute only if the parameters change. like this:

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Ok with SequenceChanged but I don´t understand why you say that the Repeat loop is not needed, I am changing different slices.

in the uploaded patch you tried to change only one slice

as long as there’s no splicer input to the foreach region, the foreach (and anything inside) isn’t doing anything

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Sure, you are right, the patch was a simplified example with only one slice set, tx.

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