Spread shifting

I ve patched this little path to get a graphically shifting spread, it works! Still the patching doesn t look too elegant, any hint?

Spread-shift.zip (82.2 kB)

B-spline is really nice for sampling through a spread- you can use the original spread as the control surface.

Spread-shift.v4p (12.8 kB)

thanks but I don t think this is exactly what I need cause the spread number I have is not fixed, more items are added at a random pace and number, the folder with images was only a demo thing…
Or am i missing something from your patch?

Wouldn’t you just update the control spread then? I guess I don’t quite get what you need. Also you can use the input pin on the B-Spline like an interpolated index pin from getslice if that helps.

Can you not just use the shift node?

Let’s see: I ve got a pool of items, I am adding more “items” at any time.
From this pool I need to pick a spread of 6 elements, then adding the following one with a shift (as in a graphical shift, or movement as in the original patch).
In the my first patch what I do is to use a 7 (one extra) slices spread so that I can load the new slice on the hidden slice, shift of 1/6th then what i do to reset is to shift (phasing the spread) the spread forward and move (graphically) the items backwards (that is back to 0), it s a dirty trick and does involve some graphic glitch… no happy