Spread: set and count down values autonomous?


i have this string array in which i can insert binary code, which is then “blinked” out through modifying lightness values.

i want every slice to have a “lifespan”, expressed by the hue value. (new = red -> blue, then empty slice).

i get the a bang and the position when something is written into the spread.

Something with a Decay and Inputmorph could help. Not sure how to delete your slice, cozz I don’t know how it was insert in the first place. Perhaps make it Alpha=0 when you want to get rid of it.

DecayMorp.v4p (7.0 kB)

hi again!

thnx for the suggestion, but since i use HSL, i thought a spread of values would be easyer to handle.

so this is my input method ->
figured out how to create “timers” for each slice, but don’t know how to empty the slices when the timer runs out.

i get a “0” if the frame has to be deleted, but how to interfere with the slices? everytime i overwrite a string in the spread, the buffer quickly overwrites it…


input.v4p (23.8 kB)

Buffer patch is missing…

here you go

Buffer (String).v4p (13.5 kB)