Spread question

hi there,
i want to draw some quads in a horizontal row, the spreadcount defines the number of quads. i tryed to do it with the linearspread node, wich works well, but what i want to do is have it ‘real left justified’. new quads should be added right beside the previous one, like when you enter text on the computer. the linearspread node ‘spreads’ them over a whole area, and reorders them automatically…
thanks for help

Using the linearspread to do this requires a lot tweaking, think this works easier…

LeftJust.v4p (5.9 kB)

yes! thats exactly what i need, thanks man! is it also possible to build a spread of spreads now? to add and remove rows (each row should have his own number of quads, rows should be added above the other… must be something quit similar isnt it ?
i just started using vvvv, so iam not quite familiar with it yet :(

thank you

i just cant get it working, i get mad with that stuff, need a break now :)

Dunno if I understood this correct, but post an example patch next time your are stuck, so we can help a bit more specific ;)

LeftJustAndTop.v4p (12.2 kB)

yeah, awesome, thats it! thanks very much man. yes i will post an example next time. i would never have this figured out by myself, looks very complicated, especially this binsize thing.