Spread of Textures via DxTexture Transform Index

Hello, just a wish not sure if it is posible locally to get it in other way.

It would be nice to get a spread of textures from a Renderer via Dxtexture when you input a spread in the Transformation Index of a renderer.


well, you could render one big texture and do it like:

stuff you render -> renderer(ex9) -> dx9texture -> multiple quads

and transform the uv coordinates on those quads to show different parts of the texture…

i wonder what is the way to go regarding performances!
i’ve made a patch to run Kinect (openni) in a separated vvvv instance
i want to get both RGB Depth and User texture with the new great SharedTexture feature…which is spreadable!
but the texture need to pass first in a render->dx9texture so
i’m using 3 x quad->render->dx9texture -> cons (ex9.texture)-> SharedTexture
perhaps a big 1920*480 texture would be better ? what do you think?

Interesting Topic…

What about the power of 2 on the texture?
Will this texture be considered like 1920x1920?


hi guys thanks for replies , it seems it is not posible so far to get a spread of textures by putting a spread in the transformation index , you can get them independently and put together for example via boygroup but locally you should have to make as many renderers and dxextures nodes as indexes and cropings you need. cheers

hey color, but what about m4ds suggestion? i’d say this is the way to go.

yes this is doable but i would need to renderer --> dxtexture again to get each independet texture from each quad texture crop

ok, but do you really need separate texture-slices? what for?

hi joreg ,uhmm maybe it can be done in other way.

i,m tryng to test some staff and try to do a simulation so I would like to get the textures as in the patch here to feed them in a shader with a spread of meshes so each mesh get the diferent texture that are already crop with multiscreen node.

MultiTextureCrop.v4p (23.0 kB)

you can set all renderers to index -1 and getslice the right view/viewport transformation for each. a render renders twice if you put in two transformations.

hi tonfilm thanks for reply , yes but in the example patch ,the idea is not too use renderer to get the cropping of textures but get them after multiscreen and input them in a constant for example with a spread of xfiles and the spread of cropped textures.

in case it is confusing. i want the index from the renderer crop image from the renderer but the only way i found it is via dxtexture. and duplicate renderers and dxtexture again.

MultiTextureCrop1.v4p (24.1 kB)

hey color, here is a small hackish demopatch of what i meant ;)

MultiTextureCrop2.v4p (33.6 kB)

hi m4d , thanks for the example , yes i got your idea, all fine . it is just that a found it could be a nice feature and wish to get a spread fo textures from renderer when it has transformations on it as they seem to be happening anyway it is just that you can get out only one at a time. cheers

just keep in mind that to have your patch running fast and smooth you generally want to avoid unnecessary renderpasses… ;)