Spread of Renderers


I’m a very new user (1 week !).

Sorry if it was already asked, is there the possibility to create a spread of Renderers ?
What I understand so far is that we have to create and place each renderer “manually”, one per one. Is it true ?

Just for example, I would like to have 3 renderers, (to be simple at the beginning : rendering the same thing and on the same monitor / same PC).
What if one day I want 4 renderers ? Another day 10 ? Another day 2 ? I have to place manually new renderers, and link them to the objects to be drawn.

Thank you for your help or advices,


hello, open the modules Mutiscreen and MultViewPort and press F1 to see their help patches. and you can have a look at this thread.

Thank you for your very fast response.

Ok I looked the help patches of MultiScreen and MultiViewPort.
If I well understood :

  • MultiViewPort demultiply the renderer in sub-screens (so we have the same image m x n times)
  • MultiScreen allows to have our image distributed on these sub-screens (so the sub-screens re-form one big screen, we have one image)
    It’s great.

But :
1/ I don’t understand how the sub-screens can be dispatched on different monitors/devices, because of the unique renderer ? In other terms I think, how to boygroup sub-screens ?
2/ How can I have access on a certain sub-screen (for example to draw something only within it) ?

  1. this is done in the patch at the bottom of the thread i linked before.

  2. in case you have multiple renderers this can be done with Group, else just by placing the content where you need it…

Ah ok !
It was with time, but now I think I understand. Sorry, in the thread you linked, firstly I had not seen the link with my question.

Thank you very much for your help and your patience.

Sorry to bother you again, but it seems I’m still missing something important concerning MultiScreen.

I have a local network of 6 PCs : 1 with vvvv running in server mode, 5 others in client mode. Each one has a monitor (actually not yet, 1 monitor and 1 KVM to switch the monitor on the 6 PCs).

To test my understanding of the Boygrouping and the MultiScreen, I “simply” want to display a renderer (where a simple Quad moves alternatively in X, just for example) on the 5 screens of the clients : so each of the 5 screens displays 1/5 of the renderer, and I have one big image when the 5 monitors are side by side.

You can see how I do this in the short patch below.

Boygrouping works (right client IDs in the “Transformation Index” pin of the renderer, fullscreen is ok, …), but the renderers of the clients are desperately black and empty.

Could someone tell me (in a teaching way if you have time) what thing(s) I’m doing wrong and/or I misunderstand in this example.

Thank you.

Multiscreen&Boygroup.v4p (25.1 kB)

I just have read this topic (which didn’t appear in my searches with the search engine of the site, I found it “manually” in scrolling), and I think I begin to understand.

Things that were wrong :

  • The multiviewport was not necessary in my case, since I would have had a divided renderer in each client (if this time I understand). So now I only apply it on an other renderer on the server, in order to monitor all the screens of the clients.
  • I had to boygroup the nodes Multiscreen, Quad and Transform, to have my Quad on the renderer of the clients

Now it works… almost.

For some weird reason, 2 clients on the 5 have different nodes boygrouped !

  • One (the ID 0) misses the node “MultiScreen” (and only it), so I have not my Quad, the renderer is empty.
  • The other (ID 2) have some of the IOBoxes and the counter of the part in the upper-left corner of the patch (just here to setup and monitor the boygrouping) : but it doesn’t bother the working, I have the quad in the renderer)
    I don’t understand what happens…

And also, 1 hour ago, when I did Ctrl+B on nodes on the server, this wasn’t updated in the clients, I had to quit and reload…
Can we force an update, a sort of refresh ?

Multiscreen&Boygroup2.v4p (27.6 kB)