Spread, damper and attractor question

hi all,
i have a difficult to explain question.
I’m tring to do something like the itunes menu in vvvv, using a multitouch input. All ok, but i encountered a problem that i don’t know how to resolve it. i attached a simplyfied patch that you can try with the mouse (drag left or right to scroll the menu). As you can see, i need to have the central piece different from the others, so i need a damper at the end of the chain, before the transform. All works fine. as you can see, i use the phase of a linearspread to move the quads. but everytime a quad goes from the beginning to the end, i see it moving, because of damper. really difficult to explain what i intend, just look the patch and try to understand whats the problem simply using it. thx for any help ;)))

spread_troubles.zip (351.0 kB)


usually you would design the movement logic different, you would have the modulo, phase or map after the damper that the jumps are not filtered.

in your case you have to look which slice jumps and set the filter time of the damper of this slice to 0, but its a hack:

_root_mouse.v4p (49.0 kB)

thx tonfilm, for the hints and especially for the solution of my problem. I integrated in the multitouch complete version and it works fine.
as you say, the movement logic in this patch is not very well designed, but at the start i tried to put the damper before the phase of linearspread, but, as you can image, the getslice-setslice i do after the spread was jerkily, because was not affected by damper.

anyway, really thx ;))