SPOUT texture not being received NDI way far better

Hi !
im trying to send texture with SPOUT from a PC with VVVV to another PC with VVVV.
I m using the alpha in x64

If i well understood it need NDI tools for tunneling the texture over the network
NDI to Spout exe well recognized the NDI server and transform it in “NAME OF THE PC(shared memory name)”
but it cant be seen by the spout receiver node
TTY shows; couldn t open shared memory location

any quick and efficient idea on how to solve this issue ?

hei karistouf,

the info on spout via network is here: https://vvvv.org/blog/spout-0 but don’t expect any miracles performancewise.
i haven’t tested the NDI route.

Bonjour Karistouf,
Just tested this Spout NDI thingy on a LAN with the vvvv DX11 modules included in the Spout install (b34.2 x64). Shitty framerate but I can see something :)

Hum… i m trying just to have an image for the moment, nothing works on…
@joreg Hello ! any way to use the sharde texture on the network than the NDI one ? im using a low resolution 1024x768. i m still having blank screen on receiver ( emeter W10, receiver W7)

Ok Joreg i have downloaded the NDI pack: http://pages.newtek.com/NDI-Tools-Pack-Download-Link2.html?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTVdRNU5ESXpaVFJoTVdJMSIsInQiOiJFOHVhRVIybjJMczJSQTRXbUJFd0l3cGpFamR0QzFRS1RXTVVXU1lqUFBzbE5sSWlzNEhaVjlXZnlaajUwTXhCdVozSmFEXC9zZyticlpCN0VGbUtjaUVOU0RhK0lETHJueDVmXC9cL0kwUzF3UT0ifQ%3D%3D

If i run a NDI pattern generator from one PC and open the NDI monitor on the other one, it works.

But NDI to SPOUT, despit client and server are seen, are not giving any results inside VVVV

What could be the reason ?

The Universe Showing of: “NAME_OF_PC(name_of_texture)” with quotes

I have tested also with VVVV sending, + Spout to NDI
The connexion on the other PC is the NDI VIdeo Monitor
Also a blank screen

you’re still talking about NDI but have you tested TCPSpout that i’ve linked to above?

No. i will try Joreg, you are right :)

Hi Joreg… so trying with TCPSpoutServer and Client…it doesnt works, neither…

here a screenshot from PC receiver, with latest VVVV alpha in x86 version

Bonjour sebescudie et merci !
i dont get it, there is no VVVV patch for SPOUT in version 34.2.

Ok i m really begin to became crazy.

Here is where i am, exatly:

Using a MacMini as Server with Bootcamp and a legal W7, AMD graphic card with Apple drivers ut no catalyst sender
finality is to be received on a Mac with Isadora, on network with RJ45 and fixed IP Adress.

On the MacMini the SPOUT nodes in vvvv actual alpha are working: on same machine the image is shared perfectly in memory.

i tried to use thethe TCPOUTServer-client on the 2 machines

Server is finded, but i have a blank image and shared texture doesnt exist for VVVV

I tried with DEMO exe from SPOUT 2 on Github:
on the macmini i launched DEMO receiver and sender: no communication
neither on the distant machine.
neither direct nor with VVVV
on same machine sender;exe is not receiving anything. and cant find the server.

brrrrrrr… any help would be really appreciated

The modules I’m talking about are located in Spout’s installation folder, under Spout2\VVVV\Receiver\DirectX 11

still same issue using SPOUT 2 from github…
thanks sebescudie. i m changing to another PC just to see if there could be a hard mismatch with apple drivers and freegl

Ok… i have made other tests from another PC with VVVV, instead of banging my head on macmini with bootcamp

Results are:

  • Using TCPSpout works with alpha 50_x86 and Spout Receiver Sender nodes, but with codecs troubles in transmission (a kind of “noise-missing certain parts of image” from time to time wich make this solution not at all usable)

  • Using alpha 50_x86 as sender with Spout to NDI exe works with a very strong quality and fluidity but not with VVVV receiver logued to NDI to SPOUT exe.
    But if i open a NDI Monitor and it works very good on the NDI monitor.
    As my receiver machine has 2 graphic cards i will make another test… issue could be GFX choice.

Actually my main problem: is there any ATI non official driver to install on this mac mini to make it work correctly?

Ok, hacked Mac Mini driver to install correctly AMD drivers. Still same issue, blank frame received…

The NDI sender works but not VVVV with Spout To NDI…

After hacking the AMD Driver on the mac _ mini:

MacMini Bootcamped emitting:
Spout DXmode only logged to DirectX 9.0c, options DirectX9 and Memory not selected
Emitting from VVVV → Spout to NDI works
PC receiving;
NDI monitor : works perfectly
VVVV doesnt connect to NDI To Spout.exe : Couldn’t open shared memory location nameofsharedmemory.

in front of TCPSpout there is a very important difference of QUALITY and FPS. NDI is really VERY EFFICIENT.

So actually i would say that there is something inside the current alpha that doesnt allow to log to NDI to Spout output.
Joreg ? what is your opinion ?

here two snapshots:

downloading Spout to NDI:

donwloading NDI tools ( needs to register quickly, free):

NDI receiver working perfectly, VVVV not finding the shared memory adress!

OK, everything is working fine now.

To enable NDI transmission you will need to configure SPOUT with the Spoutdx.exe ONLY in Directx9.0c mode ( shared memory will produce blank image for the sender and receiver patches).

The stream is really strong, good quality and good resolution, without visible latency

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