SPOUT streaming problem


I’m using Kinect-Hitboxes-dx11 and, since I need to use 2 kinects, I need to transfer a texture from one PC to another one connected with a projector.
I’m trying with SPOUT and I want to get a DX11 texture on a 64bit version.

But I have 2 main problems (see also attached scheme):
Case 1. on the receiver PC, using beta39 64bit it only outputs in DX9 (and then DX9toDX11 doesn’t work.)
Case 2. on another receiver PC, using beta39 32bit, it outputs DX11 texture but then I cannot use Kinect2 nodes since it is a 32bit version.

I tried with UDP>AsSharedTexture>… but on the server side I only get a flashing thing.

Do you any advice on how to achieve a SPOUT streaming of a DX11 texture(from 64bit to 64bit)?

Thanks everyone!

hi, Spout only works on the same machine, it is a technique to share graphics resources on a GPU device without going back to the CPU.

what you are trying to do seems to be to send textures over a network connection. have a look at NDI:

or you can also use Spout to NDI:

not sure which option has lower latency.

Hi Ton,
Yes, I forgot to specifiy that I’m already using Spout_to_Ndi!

On the Spout_to_NDI intertace (SPOUT to NDI on one PC and NDI to SPOUT on another one) I can see the vvvv texture of the sender. The problems start on my receiver vvvv patch, where the texture doesn’t show up in dx11…

I’ll take a look to NDI alone link that you sent.

Thanks again!

Hei mapo, lets see inside windows defender and firewall if UDP ports for the NDI thing is not blocked.

Why don’t you send only hits? Don’t think you need both textures same time

you could also stream your texture over the network via zeroMQ

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