Anyone successfully outputted VVVV to Spout and into MadMapper? Been trying spout, but just getting MEDIA OFFLINE, but it is showing up.

I remember that the order of starting the applications is important, but don’t know which one has to be first.

I can confirm that Spout output works into Resolume.

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Still can’t seem to get this to work.

If I open the spout DX11 Reciever I can receive spout from MadMapper into VVVV no problem if I’ve made the output of one of the projectors within Madmapper output to spout.

If I open the Spout (DX11.Texture Sender) help, if I have the Spout DX11 reciever, and I can’t see the spout feed in the spout panel and Select Sender, the name doesn’t show up.

I can’t get the Spout sender to send back into VVVV either, using the Spout Receiver help patch.

Can anyone confirm that they can use the spout sender, and receiver within VVVV, on 64bit ?

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